Five November-December Tips
(for busy gardeners)

  1. Pansies, ornamental kale and cabbages, dusty miller, and some evergreen perennials and grasses can all help to brighten up containers on the porch or entryway.  With our infrequent freesing temperatures, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to enjoy a little color in winter. Pansies usually can take a pretty hard freeze, and come back in a few weeks
  2. For every weed you pull now there will be many less to pull in the Spring.  If you see a weed, pull it!
  3. Remember, it is the dry cold that kills plants, so as the soil dries out and we find ourselves facing several days of cold temperatures, it is a good idea to water everything well.
  4. Time to be sure your bird feeders and birdbaths are clean and kept filled. If you have a suet feeder, now is the perfect time to put it out.
  5. Have bubble wrap, burlap, plastic, frost blankets, etc. on hand to put around containers for protection in below-freezing temperatures. Additionally, if containers can be huddled together, especially up against a fence or building, they will receive even more protection.