Five June Tips (for busy gardeners)

  1. CARE FOR ROSES. To encourage growth and additional flushes of flowers, feed repeat bloomers with a complete fertilizer. If leaves are yellow with green veins, also apply iron chelate. Water deeply, after fertilizing, by running a hose into a basin of soil around the plant’s drip line. Or use drip irrigation (place an emitter on each side of the plant). To conserve soil moisture and keep roots cooler, spread a 3- to 4-inch layer of much under the bushes (keep it away from trunks). Remove faded flowers.
  2. PICK HERBS. For the best flavor, harvest individual leaves or sprigs before flower buds open. Pinch back the tips if they are starting to flower.  If plants are blooming, use flowers to decorate foods.  There is still time to plant herbs
  3. PRUNE RHODODRENDRONS:  The best time to prune Rhodies is right after they flower.  TIPS
  4. PLANT PERENNIALS:  This is a good time to introduce new perennials to your garden.  Plant now for many seasons of color without replanting.
  5. WATER AND FERTILIZE CONTAINER PLANTS::  Plants in containers need more water and fertilizer than those planted in the ground.  To encourage growth and flowering make sure your  containers get plenty of water and food.
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