March Gardening Tips

Finally it’s March. As the weather improves you have much more time to get out into the garden.  One thing is for sure, there’s a lot to do this month!

  • Before plants start leafing out, give them their first feeding of the year.  An all purpose fertilizer (5-5-5) will work well for most plantings.
  • If you missed using pre-emergents, pull out weeds while they are small and the ground is moist.
  • There’s still time to dig up and divide those late-season perennials.
  • Plant peas, it’s not too late.  Other vegetables that can be direct sown in the garden this month: varieties of broccoli, spinach, kale, radish, potato and onion sets.  Nursery plants of Swiss chard, lettuces, and other salad greens can be set out this month but may need to be kept under a cold frame or cover if the temperature gets too low.
  • Last call to prune roses
  • Prune camellias when they’re done blooming.  Be sure to pick up and dispose of any fallen blossoms to prevent Flower blight, a fungus that affects the flowers of the camellia. Diseased flowers will grow small mushrooms that release spores. The spores are carried by the wind and will infect other flowers when they land. Remove infected flowers and properly dispose of any fallen flowers.
  • A word about mulch.  You can lightly add mulch to new and existing plantings at this time of the year to help hold moisture in.  However, too much mulch will slow down the warming of the soil and will delay growth. If you have applied a thick layer of mulch for winter protection now is the time to remove some of it.
  • Give your indoor plants care.  Wash the leaves and check/treat for pests and diseases.  If your plants look like they need repotting only increase one inch in the diameter of the pot.  Too much room in a pot is not healthy for an indoor plant.
  • If you want to plant in our pure clay soil dig compost down to at least 1 1/2’ .  Don’t skimp in this department.  Plants don’t like to grow in clay soil, their roots need air pockets to grow and clay doesn’t have these pockets.