Soils, Mulches & Fertilizers

McDonnell Nursery has a garden amendment for your every need; whether it’s for planting a new container, getting your garden ready for the winter, or protecting your plants from the cold.

What is an Amendment?

Amendments are materials that, when mixed into the existing soil, work to improve its condition and physical properties (increase water retention, drainage, aeration, etc.) making it more beneficial to plant root development and growth.

Compost is an amendment that can be thoroughly mixed into the existing soil. It can be a blend of organic materials (peat moss, manure, wood ash, for example) and may sometimes include inorganic components (perlite, vermiculite, sand, for example), or a combination of the two.

In the past, manure and peat moss were the standard for compost. Now it has been found that plants benefit with a wider blend of components, but you will find that most composts still include both peat and manure in their mixes. Today there are environmental concerns with some sources of peat, so using smaller quantities in conjunction with other materials still provides its beneficial qualities without relying so heavily on its use.

We carry many amendments for your every need.