What is Mulch?

Mulch is not mixed into the soil, but rather spread on the surface to promote water retention, weed suppression and moderating soil temperature (helping to keep cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter). Mulch is also used for an attractive, finished look to garden beds.

  • Some materials used for mulch are known as top dress, or removable mulch.   This is primarily used for weed suppression and winter protection, then removed after it has served its purpose.  This type includes larger particle material like straw, leaves and bark products. They include products such as bark nuggets, bark and cocoa mulch
  • Non-removable mulch is compost or other materials may be applied at any time of the year. As time passes after application, non-removable mulch is worked into the soil or gradually incorporated by the activity of weather and worms (which then makes it also an amendment) and other soil dwellers.  We carry many kinds of compost.
We carry many materials that can be used for mulch.  Our friendly staff can help you with your choice.Why it’s important to Mulch now!Mulch is anything that is spread on the soil surface to promote water retention.  This  is vital in any garden  to reduce the need for water.