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Salvias, also called sages, are easy to grow, bloom abundantly, and are great looking in the landscape. imagesCACRM1BV

They offer gardeners a tremendous variety of plant form, color, and texture for their planting designs. They are  wonderful summer bouquets elements, for their deep color and strong linear form.

Able to thrive in low moisture sites and unpalatable to rabbits, deer and even elk (and you thought deer were a challenge!), salvia encourage the presence of bees, butterflies and hummingbirds in your garden. So they help attract the good guys and discourage the less desirable ones.

Salvias partner well with daylilies, perennial geraniums, phlox and coreopsis.

There are hundreds of  varieties of Salvias, ranging from under 1 foot to over 6 feet.  Visit us to see our wide selection now!


Planting Salvias imagesCA4CPODD

Outdoor Beds

Find a location where the soil drains well. If drainage is not adequate amend the soil with generous additions of peat moss
or perlite. Salvia prefer soils that provide average to modest moisture, but are not water logged.

Plant your salvia where they will receive full sun. Very light shade is also fine in regions where the sun is especially strong.

Water periodically during the growing season if rain does not occur, but keep in mind that weekly deep waterings are better than lighter drinks every day or two. Should your plants begin to get leggy midseason, feel free to trim them by half. (There's no special science to this - just get out your pruners and start snipping.)

In late fall, your salvia foliage will fade and wilt with the onset of colder nights. At this point you may clip the stems to within 3-4" of the ground with the knowledge that next spring will bring fresh growth.

Hardy salvia plants grow larger over time, developing into clumps. These clumps may be divided by slicing them in half vertically with a sharp shovel and the pieces can be replanted or shared with gardening friends. Divide in the fall every few years, if you like.

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