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Azaleas and Rhododendrons

We have a large assortment of Rhododendrons and Azaleas to choose, from small bushes to very tall plants.   






*In 10 years

Madam Masson


nof="te" masson-rh

  • White star-like flowers with golden yellow blotch.
  • Very tough and reliable
  • Beautiful old hybrid, dating from 1849.
  • Forms an open upright shrub.


5’ Tall and Wide

Bruce Brechtbill


nof="te" bretchbill-rhd

  • Pale pink flowers with light yellow throat
  • Blooms late spring
  • Bristly foliage with reddish- purple peeling bark
  • Needs a sheltered site

6’ Tall

4’ Wide

Pretty Baby

nof="te" pretty-baby

  • Vibant pink with picotee edge with white center
  • Wonderful foliage
  • Blooms late spring, early summer

4’ Tall

4-6’ Wide

Anna Rose Whitney

nof="te" anna-rose-whitney

  • Spring flowing
  • Faster growing, plant with room to stretch
  • Trusses hold up to twenty brilliantly rose-colored funnel-flowers with faint freckles on the upper petal inside each funnel.
  • The individual trumpets can be five inches big, so in all, this adds up to one of the largest flower trusses, eight to eleven inches wide.

5’-7’ Tall

Noyo Brave

nof="te" noyo-brave1

  • Purple, pink flower
  • The flowers unfold dark pink, then turn light pink, then white, almost appearing like 3 colors on one plant!
  • Medium growth
  • Blooms March, April
  • Compact
  • One of the best rhododendrons for foliage and form.


Mrs Furnival

nof="te" mrs-furvel

  • Light Pink flowers
  • Trusses of as many as seventeen funnel-bells are large and numerous
  • Densely leafed
  • Blooms May-June

4’ Tall


Purple Gem

nof="te" purple-gem

  • Purple flowers
  • Slow growth
  • Compact, dense, round
  • Blooms early to midseason
  • Leaves 12" long, aromatic, rusty olive-green
  • New growth is grayish-blue, and turn bronze in winter.

2’ Tall

3’ Wide


nof="te" dwarf-purple

  • Purple Flowers.
  • Compact, cushion shaped
  • Slow growing to 1 foot tall
  • Gray green foliage
  • Blooms April-May


Phyllis Korn

nof="te" phy-korn-rh

  • White flower in trusses, up to 12 flowers in each
  • Wavy edges
  • Stately effect
  • Blooms April-May


Snow Lady

nof="te" snow-lady

  • White Flower
  • Fragrant
  • Hardy and lots of flowers
  • Soft fuzzy green leaves
  • Semi-Dwarf



Red Eye

nof="te" red-eye-rhd

  • Deep red-purple with a most interesting eye
  • Late spring
  • Compact
  • Slow to average growth


Royal Purple

nof="te" royal-p-rh

  • Deep purple trusses with bright yellow throat.
  • Glossy dark green leaves
  • Blooms May-June


Jean Marie du Montague

nof="te" jean-marie-rhod

  • The yardstick for red hybrids
  • Extravagant large trusses
  • Does well in sun
  • Blooms early to mid May

5’ Tall

5’ Wide


nof="te" rocket-rh

  • Frilled vibrant pink with scarlet bloch
  • Moderate growth
  • Very effective as an accent
  • Mid season bloom


Tall and Wide

Carey Ann

nof="te" carry-ann-rho

  • Red, Coral-pink in Spring; Coral-pink, Red in Summer
  • Container, Feature Plant
  • Mid season bloom


3’ to 4’


nof="te" wilbrit-rh

  • Bears deep pink, bell shaped flowers
  • A low growing compact shrub
  • Container,
  • Feature Plant.
  • Flowers mid season April-May


 3' to 4'.


Yuku Prince

nof="te" y-prince-hrh

  • Pink shades
  • Dwarf compact habit
  • Interesting leaves
  • Exceptionally hardy
  • Blooms April-May




White lace

nof="te" white-lace-az

  • Large, showy clusters of large white flowers
  • Evergreen

4’ Tall

3’-5’ Wide


nof="te" brilliant

  • Red Flower
  • Moderate growth

6’-8’ Tall and Wide

Duc de rohan

nof="te" ducderohan-az

  • Salmon flowers, deep pink centers
  • Blooms early to midseason
  • Repeat bloomer
  • May bloom again in fall




nof="te" hexe-az

  • Deep fushia flowers
  • Ruffled blooms
  • Blooms midseason


6” to 10”


nof="te" alaska

  • White flower
  • Can take sun
  • Blooms late-midseason


Pink lace

nof="te" pink-lace-rhodo

  • Pink and reds flower color
  • Long lasting
  • Showy, Single flowers
  • Blooms Midseason

6’ – 10’


nof="te" madonna-rhodo

  • White flower
  • Slow growing

3’ x 3’

Autumn Twist

nof="te" autumn-twist

  • Single purple and white trumpet flowers, some stripes
  • Average growth
  • Blooms spring, summer and fall

4’-5’ Tall

4’ Wide

Autumn Coral

nof="te" autumn-coral

  • Soft coral pink with fushia centers
  • Blooms summer and fall

2.5’ Tall

3’ Wide

George L Tabor

nof="te" geo-l-tabor-az

  • Light pink with dark pink throat.
  • Flowers spring
  • Fast growth

6’ x 6’

Southern Charm

nof="te" southern-charm-az

  • Pink Flower
  • Moderate growth
  • Blooms early-midseason
  • Can get very large, good for screening


Tall and Wide


nof="te" purity

  • Nearly pure white
  • Very showy
  • Lightly fragrant
  • Blooms early-midseason


Wards Ruby

nof="te" wards-ruby

  • Red Flower
  • Blooms Early-Midseason
  • Low growing


White Iveryana

nof="te" iverana

  • White flower, rose madder flecks
  • Long lasting
  • Medium Height
  • Mid-Season Bloom


Azalea Facts

 It’s important to consider the final size of the plant in addition to the color and the blooming period.

Some bloom in early spring, some later and a few even bloom all summer. 

They love acidic soil, most are evergreen.

They are perfect for foundation plantings under windows and for areas under large shade trees.

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