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  • Earwigs: Trap by placing moistened, tightly rolled newspaper or corrugated cardboard in the garden in the evening. In the morning, dispose of the paper and trapped insects. Another method of control is a covered container such as a small margarine tub with holes cut halfway up the sides. Pour in about an inch of soy sauce and a thin layer of vegetable oil in the container. Empty as needed. Remember, they eat aphids and other pests.
  • Fireblight: This bacterial pest affects ornamentals in the rose family: Pyracantha, Cotoneaster, flowering pear, crabapple, mountain ash, hawthorne and fruit trees (apple, pear and quince). Prune to remove affected branches.
  • Fruit tree borers: Paint trunks of fruit trees with 50/50 mix of white latex paint and water. The paint can often be picked up for free at the hazardous waste recycling center at Central Sanitary.
  • Gophers: Ultrasonic devices, chewing gum, hair, urine, kitty litter and all the other “great” home remedies are ineffective.
  • Snails & Slugs: Control with hand-picking, yeast traps or iron phosphate baits.
  • Snapdragon rust: Forms unsightly dark brown or rust colored pustules or blisters on the leaves and stems. Keep your plants growing vigorously by watering and feeding properly.
  • Other pests common in May include aphids, scale, powdery mildew, and coyotes. See below for UC IPM Pest Note links.

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