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Certified Organic Plants

Organic plants are cultivated without chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides. Certified organic plants have the U.S. Department of Agriculture seal guaranteeing that the product is truly organic. Growers use natural methods to grow plants that involve composting, crop rotation and the use of natural predators. Certain bugs, like lady bugs, eat offending insects that like to eat plants. Cornell University says that healthy soil is the basis for organic farming. Growers take extra time to prepare the soil by adding organic matter such as humus and tilling the ground. Organic plants are typically more expensive than conventionally grown plants because it takes longer to produce high yielding crops using old-fashioned methods.


  • Organic plants receive natural and organic fertilizers. This includes animal and plant manures as well as rock phosphate and other organic products. Cover crops and compost are incorporated into the soil. Non-organic plants utilize any type of fertilizer.

Pest Control

  • Natural and organic also describes the pest control practices for organic plants. Organic plant producers select disease-resistant varieties and utilize natural predators, insect traps and insectidal soaps. Chemicals may be used to control insects on non-organic plants.

Plant Origins

  • Genetically modified organisms are not allowed in certified organic products. Seeds and transplants are organically produced for organic plants. It takes three years for a plant producer to transition from non-organic to certified organic. Organic plant production may require more

Climate Zones?

Climate zones tell you what plants will survive the cold weather is your area.  There are two climate zone calculations: USDA Zones and Sunset Zones. 

Sunset zones are more reliable for our area since there are many micro-climates.

We are in:
Sunset Zone:  14-17
USDA Zone: 8


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