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Aphids are the most common garden pest insect and they feed on both garden crops and ornamental plants. There are many different species of aphids that in essence "specialize" in feeding on different types of plants, everything from pine trees to your strawberries. The basic mugshot of an aphid shows a plump, pear-shaped body and two tubes, or cornicles, which project from their abdomens.

Aphids feed in colonies, part of the reason that they are so destructive. Generally, if you see one aphid, there are lots more to be found as well. Aphid colonies may be found on young leaves, new succulent shoots, and twigs or branches. An infestation by a feeding aphid colony often causes plant leaves to curl and dry out.

As aphids feed, they leave a residue on the plants, this is often called "aphid honeydew"**. With a big enough infestation of aphids, leaves below the aphid colony begin to grow fungi from the aphid honeydew, this is black and brown in color and called sooty molds, these molds cover leaves and other objects below aphid colonies where the honeydew collects. To get rid of the sooty mold requires getting rid of the aphids.

Ladybugs are a good method to keep aphids under control.  We have them in stock now!


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