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Welcome to McDonnell Nursery

A family-run operation, passionate about gardening and dedicated to customer service, McDonnell
Nursery has had the pleasure of serving our East Bay friends and neighbors since 1933.

In Our Garden Center

For You or a Special Someone


Jewerly, scarves, hats, bags,

Create a Fairy Garden!

New Tools!

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In the Garden

 New Roses

gilded sun sm

Gilded Sun

Princess Charlene de Monaco

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violets pride sm

Violet Pride

Fruit Trees are here!

It’s the time of the year to plant new fruit trees!  We have received a great selection of trees that are ready to be planted.  We have limited quantities of  each


Early Spring!

Time to be sure your bird feeders and birdbaths are clean and kept filled. If you have a suet feeder, now is the perfect time to put it out.

For every weed you pull now there will be many less to pull in the Spring.

dormant spraying

With the rain and warm temperatures spring is coming early this year. It’s time to dormant spray before the buds burst. to This helps prevent insects and disease .  Spray in calm weather with no chance of rain for 24 hrs.  BE SURE TO FOLLOW SAFETY DIRECTIONS ON PRODUCT.

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Garden Alert!

Do Not cut off or trim any frost injured plants until the danger of frost and freezing is past.  The damaged parts may provide a buffer to the healthy parts of the plants during future cold spells.

bonide copper

Our outdoor pottery is 25% off!



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